Profiles in Spirit: The Skin Stuff

Line-up of four skincare products on white background: jar of Specklegreen Cream, cylinder of White Snow Daily Cream Serum, cylinder of Goat Milk Shiitake Deep Cleanser, and cylinder of Reishi C Daily Sream Serum.

Culinary Solvent's diverse utility make it the perfect solution for a variety of craftsmen, from perfumers to chefs to herbalists. See how Culinary Solvent has not only been a game-changer but a vital ingredient in extraction for Maine-based skincare business The Skin Stuff

About The Skin Stuff 

Herbalist and specialist Bill MacIntosh has spent fifteen years perfecting and developing unique skincare products. Disappointed by the chemically-laden, unnatural skincare fads he saw being used by family and friends, MacIntosh set out to create a premier alternative that hallmarked natural and safe ingredients. MacIntosh spent the first several years sampling and giving away his skincare solutions to family and friends; it wasn't until 2018 that The Skin Stuff, a name coined by MacIntosh's niece, was officially founded. 

The Skin Stuff produces its extracts from functional mushrooms (reishi, shiitake, chaga, maitake, etc.) and herbs. Currently, The Skin Stuff carries four products, three of which they use Culinary Solvent to produce. Everything -- from extraction to formula -- is The Skin Stuff's original recipe.  

Choosing Culinary Solvent Was No Choice at All

It was love at first sight -- or extraction -- when The Skin Stuff discovered Culinary Solvent. MacIntosh recounts trying dozens of solvents with mixed, inconsistent, or poor results before trying our solvent.

After one use, MacIntosh asserts that Culinary Solvent "does everything we need and perfectly."

With the knowledge that alcohol is the most effective solvent for extractions from plants, MacIntosh wanted a highly-potent, effective option that was gentle and safe for the skin, devoid of additives and benzoates, didn't leave a smell or residue, and ideal for long-term use. 

"Culinary Solvent is extremely effective in the making of highly-potent extracts."

Text on white background. Text on top: The Skin Stuff. Text on bottom: Made by Hand in Oxford, Maine

The Goods

Culinary Solvent is used in three out of the four products The Skin Stuff currently carries:

  • Reishi-C Cream Serum: this serum not only corrects signs of damage and aging but assists in the prevention of future signs of aging. Its bronzy tone -- even without sun exposure -- makes it a good alternative to traditional foundations. Over time, this serum is proven to boost collagen, as well as smoothing/evening out complexion and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Responsively moisturizing and effective in tightening skin, this serum works in both dry and humid climates, will not leave the skin with a residue (maximum absorbency), and contains no waxes or chemicals emulsifiers. 
  • White Snow Cream Serumknown as "The Mushroom of Beauty," this silky, creamy serum uses the whole mushroom in combination with the natural peptides extracted from quinoa to reduce signs of damage and aging. Hydrating, pore-cleansing, and collagen-boosting, this serum also utilizes ingredients excellent in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. 
  • Specklegreen Creamhighly-effective after even just one use, Specklegreen Cream for hand and body is perfect for treating dry skin and callouses, sunburns, and bumps before they become bruises. Packed with a variety of synergistic herbs, plants, and mushrooms, this cream is an "upgraded" version of MacIntosh's grandmother's original specklegreen cream, harking back to his days spent foraging in the forest with her -- which MacIntosh views as the beginning of his own herbalist career.  

You can access The Skin Stuff's full product catalogue here


Besides its exceptional potency and next-to-none effectiveness for their extractions, MacIntosh is elated that Culinary Solvent is distilled in Maine. "We're very proud of our pristine, natural process using primarily Maine-grown/wildcrafted plants, etc. We'd use Culinary Solvent even if it were made elsewhere because it's so perfect for us, but the fact it's also Maine-made is a huge bonus!

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