Profiles in Spirit: Sean's Celtic Creations

Celtic ring - Sean's Celtic Creations

Culinary Solvent's diverse utility make it the perfect solution for a variety of craftsmen, from perfumers to chefs to herbalists.  See how Culinary Solvent is used to develop protective coatings on the hand-soldered jewelry from Sean's Celtic Creations

About Sean's Celtic Creations

Owner, artist, and jeweler Sean Berton first began Sean's Celtic Creations more than 30 years ago after decades spent immersing in Irish culture and learning different jewelry crafting techniques.  With an emphasis and focus on Celtic themes, Berton works with a variety of materials, primarily sterling silver.  Berton developed his expertise through university-level art and architecture classes, fine woodworking, scrimshaw (ivory carving/engraving), and lifelong experimentation and resourcefulness. 

Organic Protection 

Berton solders his jewelry by hand, which involves joining two pieces of metal with solder and the application of heat.  Prior to hand soldering his jewelry, Berton applies a boric acid coating over the sterling silver to protect it from oxidation during the heat application.  In order to make this coating, Berton has to dissolve the boric acid. 

"Due to the organic and pure nature of this toxin free 200 proof alcohol [Culinary Solvent], it is the perfect solution to...[create] a pre-solder coating over the sterling..."

By applying this coating, Berton avoids potentially damaging the jewelry prior to stone setting and final antiquing.  Prior to using Culinary Solvent, Berton used denatured alcohol, but his preference for Culinary Solvent comes from it being available as organic

Sean's Celtic Creations logo

The Goods 

Berton primarily sells his jewelry in-person at trade shows.  He is currently in the process of creating a new online store; however, you can still use his current website for show updates and contact information.  

Berton has done custom jewelry in the past but also creates his own designs. 

Connecting with His Supporters 

Berton loves meeting people who have connected with his work and hopes to see his supporters at upcoming shows and events. 

Get in Touch with Sean's Celtic Creations

Keep up with Sean's Celtic Creations via www.seanscelticcreations.comOrder inquiries are accepted via email and text/phone, available here.  

While Sean's Celtic Creations is not active on any social media platforms, Berton encourages his supporters to share his work via social media if they wish. 

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