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Alcohol for Herbalists by Culinary Solvent

Culinary Solvent's diverse utility make it the perfect solution for a variety of craftsmen, from perfumers to chefs to herbalists.  See how Culinary Solvent has been assisting Dr. Petley achieve high-quality herbal and botanical extractions for the Maine Center for Natural Health

About Maine Center for Natural Health 

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Herbalist Dr. Nate Petley has been studying plants for more than 25 years.  From his roots in landscape horticulture blossomed a love and passion for plant science and naturopathic medicine.  After obtaining his doctorate, Dr. Petley has been practicing in his Maine-based clinic for more than a decade, as well as offering classes and workshops. 

The Maine Center for Natural Health is Dr. Petley's home office based in Waterville, Maine.  Dr. Petley's classes, lectures, apprenticeships, and workshops are offered in Oakland and beyond, sharing his wealth of knowledge and extraction skills with anyone who is interested. 

Like the founders of Culinary Solvent, Dr. Petley believes in empowering others through education.  Dr. Petley's "passion for herbs is contagious, and his knowledge is presented in an easy-to-understand manner."

Unlimited Possibilities 

Dr. Petley only uses the highest quality herbs and plants in his extractions.  His preference for Maine-grown, organic plants contributes to his selection for alcohol when extracting herbs and plants. 

"Having access to higher proof alcohol is critical for making tinctures at home," Dr. Petley explains.  "Standard vodka is inferior for extracting many constituents, but with Culinary Solvent, I am never limited to the herbs I can extract."  

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The Goods

Beyond appointments at his clinic, the Maine Center for Natural Health, Dr. Petley highlights his three-year apprenticeship program, where he shares his knowledge of herbal extracts and preparations.  "The program is suitable for those looking to gain a deeper respect for the power of herbs, those aspiring to become a practicing herbalist, those...who would like to expand their knowledge of [botany], and those looking to start an herbal product business."  Dr. Petley also lectures throughout Maine, developing classes and workshops suitable to individuals of all education experiences, from entry-level herbalists and professionals. 

Learn more about Dr. Petley's apprenticeship

The Maine Thing

As a Maine resident himself, Dr. Petley is also excited about supporting fellow Maine businesses.

"Culinary Solvent is a Maine business who supports Maine businesses, offering friendly service and excellent products. Best of all, their mission, like mine in my clinic, is to empower people through education."

Get Connected!

Learn more about Dr. Petley's clinic, the Maine Center for Natural Health, as well as Dr. Petley's classes and workshops at  You can find and follow Dr. Nate Petley on Instagram (@drpetley) and Facebook

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