"Harmonious Combinations: Pairing Shellac Shades with Different Wood Types for Striking Results in Luthiery"

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Creating a beautiful stringed instrument requires a harmonious blend of wood selection and finish. Shellac, a traditional and versatile finish, comes in a range of shades that can be paired with various wood types to achieve stunning results in luthiery. In this blog post, we will explore some popular wood types and suggest complementary shellac shades to help you create visually captivating instruments.


Maple is a popular choice for stringed instruments due to its excellent tonal properties and striking appearance. This light-colored wood often features eye-catching patterns, such as flame or quilted figuring. Pairing maple with a clear or blonde shellac allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through while providing a warm, lustrous finish.


Mahogany is a beautiful, reddish-brown wood with a straight grain that is often used for guitar necks and bodies. To complement mahogany's rich color, opt for a garnet or amber shellac, which will add depth and warmth to the instrument's appearance.


Rosewood is a dense, dark wood with a reddish hue and a distinctive, varied grain pattern. This wood type is commonly used for fingerboards and bridges on stringed instruments. Pair rosewood with a garnet or dark amber shellac to enhance its natural color and emphasize the grain pattern.


Spruce is a light-colored wood with a tight, even grain, making it an ideal choice for instrument tops. To preserve the natural color and grain pattern of spruce, use a clear or blonde shellac. This combination will result in a beautiful, high-gloss finish that showcases the wood's natural characteristics.


Walnut is a dark, richly-colored wood with a straight, open grain. It is often used for guitar bodies and other large instrument components. To highlight the natural beauty of walnut, pair it with a dark amber or garnet shellac. This combination will add warmth and depth to the instrument's appearance.

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