Enhance Your Jewelry Making with 200 Proof Food Grade Alcohol: A Safer Alternative for Artisans and Hobbyists

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For artisans and hobbyists working with jewelry making, 200 proof food grade alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com offers a multitude of benefits over traditional denatured alcohol. In this blog post, we'll explore how food grade ethanol can be used as a safe alternative for various jewelry making tasks, including cleaning tools, removing fingerprints, and smoothing the surface of creations made with resin, polymer clay, or metal clay before curing or firing. We'll also discuss the advantages of dissolving boric acid in ethyl alcohol as a flux for precious metal soldering.

A Safer Alternative for Jewelry Making:

Food grade ethanol provides a safer alternative to denatured alcohol for jewelers, as it lacks the toxic additives that can pose health risks. By using Culinary Solvent's 200 proof food grade alcohol, you can protect yourself and the environment while still achieving excellent results in your jewelry making projects.

Cleaning and Surface Preparation:

200 proof food grade alcohol can be used to clean tools and remove fingerprints from your jewelry creations, ensuring a pristine finish. It's also ideal for smoothing the surface of resin, polymer clay, or metal clay pieces before curing or firing, promoting a professional and polished appearance.

Dissolving Boric Acid for Precious Metal Soldering:

For precious metal soldering, dissolving boric acid in food grade ethyl alcohol creates an effective flux that protects your pieces from oxidation and helps the solder flow smoothly. This technique results in stronger, cleaner solder joints and enhances the overall quality of your finished jewelry.

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