Enhance Your Ceramics and Pottery with 200 Proof Food Grade Alcohol: A Safer Alternative for Artisans and Hobbyists

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Ceramic and pottery artists can benefit from the versatile uses of 200 proof food grade alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of using food grade ethanol as a safe alternative to denatured alcohol in ceramics and pottery, and explore how it can be used to clean and prepare surfaces for glazing, ensuring better adhesion and reducing the risk of defects and blemishes.

A Safer Alternative for Ceramics and Pottery:

Denatured alcohol contains toxic additives that can pose health and environmental risks. Food grade ethanol, however, offers a safer option for artisans and hobbyists, providing similar benefits without the hazardous side effects associated with denatured alcohol.

Cleaning and Preparing Surfaces for Glazing:

200 proof food grade alcohol from CulinarySolvent.com is an excellent choice for cleaning and preparing ceramic or pottery surfaces before applying glazes or underglazes. By using food grade ethanol to clean your pieces, you can remove dust, dirt, and oils, promoting better adhesion of the glaze and reducing the risk of defects or blemishes in the final product.


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