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COVID-19 Return to Work Resources and Information

What is a "Return to Work" Plan?

A Return to Work plan is created by employers for the benefit of their employees and their customers, in an effort to help facilitate a safe return work environment from the self isolation and social distancing measures implemented in response to COVID-19.   Return to work plans are provided as a guide of suggested best practices to be implemented to help prevent the community spread of viruses during a declared pandemic.  

Who needs a return to work plan?

There are many resources available providing guidance on returning to work, this website is intended to provide as much help as possible for free, please Contact Us if you notice errors or incomplete information.  It's our goal to provide the best, most reliable, information for folks to read and decide to use for themselves.  Please stay well. 

COVID-19 Prevention Checklists for Businesses

The following checklists are provided by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) as guidelines for best practices for businesses of different sectors to follow related to physical distancing, hygiene, personal protection, and maintenance of clean workplaces.

General Guidance Checklist for all businesses (DECD Link) (PDF Mirror)


General guidance checklists from OSHA

ATA Technology & Maintenance Council


Additional checklists posted here as they are released by the ME DECD

  • Fitness Center and Exercise Gyms Restart Checklist
  • Shopping Mall Restart Checklist
  • Arena & Convention Center Checklist
  • Tattoo & Piercing Parlor Restart Checklist
  • EMTs & First Responders 
  • Spas & Masseurs
  • Traveling Salesperson Personal Hygiene & Considerations 
  • Cosmologists and Estheticians 
  • Electrolysis Services
  • Realtors (New Client Services, Showings Leading to Purchase, Closings and Title Meetings) 
  • Personal Transportation Services
  • Food Delivery Drivers (Local Pizza,& local apps UberEats, DoorDash) 

      Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Downloads for Businesses

      Download MSDS sheets for Culinary Solvent ethyl alcohol here.


       70% Alcohol Solution Recipes by Starting Alcohol Variety

      Recipes Using Isopropyl Alcohol

        Disinfectant Spray Recipes by Starting Alcohol Variety

        Recipes Using Isopropyl Alcohol

        Cleaning & Disinfection FAQ

        Hand Sanitizer Resources - Culinary Solvent

        Sanitizing Resources, Recipes using Ethyl Alcohol

          More Sanitizer FAQ

          • Can Vodka be used to make hand sanitizer?  No
          • Can mouthwash be used to make hand sanitizer?  No
          • Can bleach be used for make hand sanitizer? No
          • WHO Recommended Recipe for Hand Sanitizer - This hand sanitizer recipe incorporates additional chemicals including hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol.  Institutions like hospitals are strongly recommended to follow WHO guidelines when crafting their own hand sanitizer from individual components.

          More links to More Authoritative Sources

          A list of some more resources we understand to be trustworthy and reputable.

          National Resources of Information

          OSHA COVID-19 Resources

          Maine Resources of Information.