perfume bottle and perfume made with Ethyl Alcohol by culinary solvent perfume bottle and perfume made with Ethyl Alcohol by culinary solvent

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Perfumers Alcohol by Culinary Solvent

About Food Grade Ethanol, for Perfumers.

Pure ethyl alcohol is incredibly versatile, learn more about this amazing molecule that perfect for perfume and so much more.

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Perfumers Alcohol FAQs

Due to its neutral profile, coupled with clean evaporative properties and zero toxic additives, we recommend Culinary Solvent 200 Proof (100% ABV) Food Grade Alcohol for your next perfume making project.

Rubbing alcohol, which uses isopropyl alcohol, is not suitable for perfumery. It has a strong smell and can be harsh on the skin. Additionally, the added water content in rubbing alcohol can interfere with the perfumes. Therefore, it is advised to avoid using rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol in perfumery.

Everclear, a brand of high-proof grain alcohol, can be used in perfumery as a substitute for Trade Specific Denatured Alcohol (TSDA), especially for beginners who may have difficulty obtaining TSDA. However, vodka, with its lower alcohol content (typically around 40%), is not suitable for perfumery as it does not meet the desired high-proof requirement of 95%+ alcohol content.

Witch hazel is not a suitable substitute for alcohol in perfume making, despite some information found online suggesting otherwise. It is advised to ignore such information entirely. As for methanol, it is a different alcohol altogether and should never be considered for use in perfumes due to its extreme toxicity and high skin absorption rate.

When it comes to perfumery, the distinction between grain alcohol and organic grain alcohol is not significant. What matters is that the alcohol used is cosmetics grade and not diluted. Whether the alcohol is derived from fermented grains or organically grown source material does not affect its suitability for perfumery.

Denatured alcohol is considered unfit for human consumption due to the addition of poison or bad tasting chemicals. There are various denaturants used, so it is not recommended to use something labeled solely as 'denatured alcohol' as it may contain toxic substances. However, cosmetic grade Trade Specific Denatured Alcohol (TSDA), specifically SD-40b, is widely used and recommended for perfumery.