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Bulk Food Grade Ethanol

 Bulk Ethanol - Culinary Solvent

Greetings, I hope you and your circle are well. 

These times are unique, and personal responsibility has never been more important in keeping ourselves, and our contacts, well.  We are doing our best to maintain operations and supply chains so that we may continue to serve the community in delivering powerful solutions for safely sanitizing and disinfecting. We do not anticipate a shortage on quart and gallon units of ethanol.  We do anticipate having 5 gallon jugs available on a first come first serve basis as limited quantities come available, please check our twitter feed or store for announcements of availability. 

Due to the increased demand for food grade ethanol to make hand sanitizer and surface disinfectants, bulk ethanol orders in excess of 25 gallons have been reserved for existing customers, institutions, hospitals, or other public health related entities seeking ethanol for sanitation and disinfectant purposes. 

Please contact us here for bulk purchase availability and inquiries.

Thank you.

Culinary Solvent is pure food grade alcohol

Scott Galbiati (AKA Mr.Tincture)
President, The Northern Maine Distilling Company
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