4 Cannabis Tincture Myths That Everyone Believes eBook

Avoid these 4 common mistakes for quality results, every time.

Let's get one thing straight

There is no wrong recipe when making cannabis tincture. The tincture making process is naturally simple and forgiving. Only making large errors (e.g., mistakenly grabbing the salt vs the sugar) results in dumped batches.

Instead of wasted batches, however, the basic process of tincturing has become permeated with misconceptions that result in wasted time, effort, energy, and money until now...

The Top 4 Myths I Expose


Myth #1 - Time
Does a long soak increase potency?


Myth #2 - Agitation
Does shaking often produce better tincture?


Myth #3 - Temperature
Does freezing improve results?


Myth #4 - Alcohol
All alcohol is created equal, isn’t it?


Chances are your tincture making process is currently victim to at least one of my myths listed above.

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