55 Gallon Drums - Organic 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol

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Culinary Solvent is pure, USDA Certified Organic 200 proof food grade ethanol (100% ethyl alcohol).  Federal Excise Tax is included in the price.  Certified organic alcohol and process by MOFGA.org.

55-gallon drums ship to commercial locations only.  Customers who cannot receive freight delivery are eligible for bulk discounts on organic 200 proof food grade ethanol packed in 5 gallon jugs, view our 200 proof organic alcohol bulk jugs here
  • 100% Ethyl Alcohol ("200 Proof" Food Grade Ethanol).
  • CAS Number: 64-17-5, PubChem CID: 702, UN Number: 1170
  • Grade: USP/FCC.
  • Distilled from Non-GMO organic corn.
  • Contains 0% water.
  • Contains zero additives, an undenatured alcohol product.  Culinary Solvent is safe for human consumption and topical applications to the skin.
  • Federal Excise Tax is included in the price.

USDA Certified Organic product and process by:
Maine Farmers and Gardener's Association (MOFGA.org)

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  • Packaged in one (1) x 55 gallon drum.
  • Poly drum, constructed from HDPE.
  • Weight: 363lbs
  • Close head style drum with two (2) x 2-inch bungs, fits all standard drum accessories and attachments.
    • All 55-gallon drums ship direct from the distillery in Brewer, Maine. (04412)
    • 55 Gallon Drums ship on a pallet to commercial addresses only.  Please note: Due to the material handling and storage requirements for large volumes of regulated materials like ethyl alcohol (PGII, Class 3 flammable liquid), 55-gallon drums must be delivered to a commercial address with a loading dock available. 
    • Lift gate service to non-commercial/industrial destinations is not available for 55-gallon drums.  If you do not have a commercial loading dock to accept delivery of a 55-gallon drum, view our bulk options available in 5-gallon jugs.
    • Free Pickup (loading a drum onto a personal vehicle) at the distillery NOT available for 55-gallon drum orders.  Pickup at the distillery is available for 55-gallons packed in 5-gallon jugs.
    • View our Shipping Policy page for more details.

    Food Grade Ethanol Permit Map - Culinary Solvent
    • Click the map image to view more details about each State's current status.  Green states require no further action to buy or ship food grade ethanol.  Yellow states require a permit before we can ship. We do not currently ship to grey states at this time.  
    • If your state requires a permit, (Idaho, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Vermont, VirginiaMinnesota, follow the links provided for detailed walkthroughs and blank permit PDF downloads.
    • Orders ship to Hawaii via Freight Forwarder.
    • Contact us if your state is listed as currently not shipping and we will check on the current rules for your destination state. 

    Pure Food Grade Quality

    Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Organic Certifications available for all food grade ethanol products sold by Culinary Solvent. Contact us for copies of important required certifications.

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    Understanding Permits (and if you need one)

    We ship food grade ethanol daily to most US states without a permit or other restriction; however, some states do have rules we must follow before shipping. View our map of states that need additional steps after checkout.

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    200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol FAQs

    Yes. Culinary Solvent 200 proof ethanol is non denatured, contains zero additives, and is the best alcohol for making tinctures, hands down. Learn more about Alcohol for Herbalists and Tinctures here.

    Yes. Culinary Solvent is ideal for making flavor extracts, including vanilla, coffee, black pepper, and more. Learn more about tips and techniques for using 200 proof alcohol for chefs and bakers here.

    Yes. Culinary Solvent's undenatured pure alcohol is safe for skin, highly evaporative, miscible with fragrance oils, ...pretty much perfect for perfumers. Learn more about why 100% ethyl alcohol is the best alcohol for perfume making recipes and projects here.

    Yes. You can substitute 200 proof ethanol 1-for-1 in any recipe or project that calls for denatured alcohol. Say "good bye" to toxic additives, learn more about denatured alcohol vs food grade ethanol here.

    Yes. Both terms "undenatured" and "nondenatured" mean zero additives and are used interchangeably to represent pure alcohol products. Culinary Solvent 200 proof food grade alcohol contains zero additives and is considered a non denatured alcohol product.