Beat COVID-19, make your own organic hand sanitizer [Recipe].

55 Gallon Drums - Organic 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol
55 Gallon Drums - Organic 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol
55 Gallon Drums - Organic 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol
55 Gallon Drums - Organic 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol
55 Gallon Drums - Organic 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol

55 Gallon Drums - Organic 200 Proof Food Grade Ethanol

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Product Specifications

Shipping Bulk Organic Ethanol Direct to You

Officially Certified - Beware of "Organic" Impostors

Did you know, the word "Organic" isn't allowed to go on just any product because the manufacturer thinks the ingredients are organically sourced? Actually, there is a certification process that suppliers who offer organic products must go through to ensure that the chain of custody always honors the organic designation. This means no co-mingling of organic/non-organic products, among other strict quality assurance guidelines.  The agency that certifies a product as organic has inspected the facility and has approved the flow of material to ensure organic standards are up kept. 

Culinary Solvent is certified 100% organic by The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (  You can contact us here if you'd like a copy of our current year's certificate for your records.

Beware of ethanol that use the word "organic" without providing the source of the certifying agency. We recommend sourcing your ethanol as close to the distillery as possible to ensure that organic chain of custody has been maintained throughout the life of the product.

Organic Ethanol FAQ

Make Your Own Bulk Homemade Organic Hand Sanitizer

Ethyl alcohol is the ultimate alcohol for making your own natural hand sanitizer. View our suggested recipe and blog post here: Make your own hand sanitizer in 2 easy steps.  

Make Your Own Bulk Organic Surface Disinfectant

Powerful to kill germs and viruses yet safe to use on many common surfaces including desktops, counter tops, doorknobs, access keypads, personal electronic devices and screens, the list goes on. Does ethyl alcohol kill germs, viruses, and bacteria?  Make your own 80% ABV surface disinfectant [Recipe]. Make your own 70% alcohol solution [Recipe].

Why choose Culinary Solvent's bulk organic 190 proof food grade ethanol?

Whether you are a professional processor, or at home DIY specialist, Culinary Solvent organic 190 proof alcohol is designed for making quality food safe tinctures, botanical extracts, hemp extractions and concentrated oils, vanilla extracts, shellacked baked goods, and perfumery.  Compare purity, quality, and % ABV to popular spirit alternatives including Everclear 190 proof, Everclear 151 proof, or Spirytus 192 proof.  Culinary Solvent's consistent purity, fast delivery options, organic availability, and 95% ABV is the best value hands down.

Do we ship to your state?​

We ship to most states in the USA including Maine, California, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.  Some other states have permits, checkout Can we ship to your state? for more information.

California Nonvolatile Solvent

California Code of Regulations Title 17 classifies Culinary Solvent as a safe "Nonvolatile Solvent", fully meeting the requirements for California Level 1 Manufacturers (M1 license).