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Culinary Solvent pints food grade ethanol
If you are looking for the best food grade ethanol for purchase, you have come to the right place.
Culinary Solvent is pure food grade non-denatured ethanol (ethyl alcohol) purchased direct from the Northern Maine Distilling Company.  Non-denatured means "No Additives".  Only non-denatured ethyl alcohol products, including Everclear 190 proof and Culinary Solvent, are safe for human consumption.
Culinary Solvent is the ideal ingredient when your recipe calls for Everclear 190 proof or alcohol in any form. (Is Culinary Solvent the Same as Everclear 190 proof grain alcohol?) Perfect for making food safe products intended to be consumed, including vanilla extract, herbal tincture, organic food coloring, cocktail bitters, or to preserve fruit.  Pure organic ethyl alcohol is safe to dilute to 70% ABV (view my recipe) for use as a CDC approved cleaner and disinfectant in the kitchen, laboratory, workshop, or nursery. 
Culinary Solvent is certified organic by

Safe and natural for use around plants, fungi, animals (yes, including humans), and pets (both big and small, but not fish. Sorry fish.).  Feel free to contact me directly for additional inquiries or clarifications.  Thanks! -Scott 

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