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How to obtain your Montana "Request to Purchase Non-Beverage Ingredients Containing Alcohol" Walkthrough Tutorial

Updated September 2021

The State of Montana requires individuals and businesses to obtain a permit for the purchase and import of nondenatured food grade ethanol, including Culinary Solvent.  Use this page as a guide to completing the permit process to purchase food grade alcohol in Montana.
  • Who must complete this form:  Any business in Montana who wishes to purchase industrial alcohol must first obtain a Montana Request to Purchase Non-Beverage Ingredients Containing Alcohol (Form ASA)
  • Renewal Frequency: With every order
  • Fee: No fee associated
  • Approximate Time to Complete Form:  5 minutes
  • Approximate Wait Time After Form Submission:  1-3 Days

Blank Form Downloads

State Authority Information

Follow these steps to complete the Montana license process:

Download a blank copy of Form ASA (PDF link), and fill out the requested information as follows:


Step 1: Enter your business name and billing and shipping address along with today's date.


Step 2: Enter your contact information.


Step 3: List your business number given by the secretary of state. Then enter what type of business you have, and what purpose you are ordering industrial alcohol for.


Step 4: Fill out the table as follows:
 Quantity: This is the number of individual containers
 Size: This is the size of each individual container
Proof: This is the proof of industrial alcohol you are purchasing
Description: This will be either, "190 proof non-denatured ethyl alcohol", "Organic 190 proof non-denatured ethyl alcohol", or "200 proof non-denatured ethyl alcohol".
Gallons:  This will be Quantity x Size = Gallons


Step 5: Enter the supplier information as shown in the image above.


Step 6: Sign and date the application.

Step 7: Submit your application to:

All done!  Upon approval, the agency listed above will issue your permit to the email address used on your application.  Follow the steps below to complete your purchase of Culinary Solvent.

Steps After Permit Approval

Send us your permit: Email a copy of your approved permit to

Place your order: Use the secure online storefront at to select your product and enter your payment details.