How to Complete ABC Form 12 - West Virginia Industrial Ethyl Alcohol Order Form

West Virginia License Information - Ethyl Alcohol Order Form

  • Who must complete this form:  Anyone who has a West Virginia Ethyl Alcohol License.
  • Renewal Frequency: Every Order

Blank Form Downloads

Follow these steps to complete the West Virginia Ethyl Alcohol Order Form:

Step 1: Download ABC FORM 12 using the link provided above.  Open the form to begin entering your information.


​Step 2: Start by listing the date you would like the order shipped by and the method of delivery. Then list your business name and address.


Step 3: List the vendor name and address.


Step 4: Enter the quantity and proof of the ethyl alcohol you wish to purchase. Then list your Ethyl Alcohol License number.


Step 5: List your business name again. Then the person filling out the application will fill in their name and title and date the application.

Step 6: Mail completed Order Form to: West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, 4th Floor Charleston, WV 25302

Step 7: Wait for the vendor to receive your approved order form. Once the order is received, you will get an e-mail and can proceed with making your purchase at the secure online storefront.

Step 8: Make sure to fill out Form 139 when your shipment is received. ​See instructions on How to Complete ABC Form 139.