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If I'm unavailable for drop off when FedEx visits my home, what are my options?

Tips for receiving your ethanol delivery - Culinary Solvent

Shipping food grade ethanol is regulated by the Department of Transportation, in addition to guidance provided by your local state rules.  As a further measure to ensure successful delivery to the intended recipient, all orders ship requiring an adult signature at time of delivery.  If you know (or think) you won't be available to physically receive your order at the time of delivery, use the information on this page to review the options you have for a successful delivery.  

Can I have my order held at a nearby FedEx location for pickup?

Beginning December 2020, FedEx Ground no longer allows for orders of food grade ethanol to be held at a FedEx facility or partner business for pickup by the customer. While FedEx does offer this hold service for most package types, Culinary Solvent orders ship under the classification of ORM-D or Hazmat.  This designation is the limiting factor preventing orders to be held at nearby FedEx locations for pickup.

Do orders require an adult signature at time of delivery?

Yes, all orders ship requiring the signature of an adult over the age of 21 at time of delivery.  FedEx drivers will ask to see a government issued ID that demonstrates the person accepting the package is over the age of 21.  If no one is over the age of 21 at time of delivery, FedEx will reattempt delivery the following business day. 

Can I provide proof of age before delivery to forgo age check at the time of delivery?

Yes.  Customers who know they will not be present at the time of delivery by download and submit our Proof of Age and Signature Release Form (PDF).  A copy of a government issued ID must be included when submitting the form to prove the recipient is over the age of 21.  Orders placed using the Signature Release Form must be addressed to the customer who's name appears on the government issued ID. 

Can I pickup my order locally at the distillery to skip the adult signature requirement?

At this time we do not offer pickups for orders under 20 gallons at the distillery.  Bulk pickups are by appointment only, contact us to schedule a bulk pickup.  Customers picking up bulk orders will be required to show proof of age over 21 with a government issued ID.  All non-bulk orders ship via FedEx Ground and will require an adult signature at time of delivery. 

My question was not answered, how do I contact someone for more assistance?

Use our contact form or live web chat to contact us directly. 

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