Beat COVID-19, make your own organic hand sanitizer [Recipe].

Disinfectant Spray [RECIPE] - 80% ABV Final Strength Made With 200 Proof Culinary Solvent


Disinfectant Spray Recipe 80% ABV using 200 Proof Culinary Solvent

Make your own 80% ABV Disinfecting Spray. 

The CDC recommends alcohol solutions of at least 70% alcohol (ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol) for effective surface disinfection.  Diluting your disinfecting spray down from 100% alcohol to 80% alcohol will ensure additional germ and killing power while also leaving behind a residue free finish that does not require a second wipe down before service.  Read more about the CDC's complete recommendation here including their list of FDA approved disinfectant brands that do not require mixing down.  Be aware that recommended disinfectant brands always contain additional chemicals, additives, surfactants, fragrances, or other "components" which may or may not contribute to the goal of disinfecting tables, counters, cafeterias, benches, kiosks, vending machines, public phones (we see one every once in a while still!!), the list goes on. 

Safe proven natural ethyl alcohol for disinfectant recipe - culinary solventCulinary Solvent contains only pure ethyl alcohol.  That means 0% methanol, and free from triclosan, parabens, glycols, chlorine, or formaldehyde.  Pure ethanol offers powerful germ and virus killing ability, without introducing toxic chemicals into your home or workspace. 






80% is best, but 70% will work too...

Customers seeking to maximize the disinfecting solution they can create may follow the links at the bottom of this recipe page to dilute their 200 proof ethanol down to exactly 70% ABV.  Diluting below the recommended concentration of 70% ABV may result in a subpotent solution that is not effective at killing germs and viruses.  Please take extra care to measure ingredients when diluting to exactly 70% alcohol.

Disinfectant Spray [RECIPE]

Yield: 64 fl oz Disinfectant Spray

Final Strength After Mixing:  80% ABV

Disinfectant recipe tip before you get started - Culinary SolventImportant Heads up! If you dilute with too much water you may not sanitize your surface.  Always measure your ingredients when making this recipe, the health of your loved ones may be counting on it!  When in doubt, toss it out.  Read more: How to tell the ABV of your starting alcohol.


Step 1 - In a clean spray bottle, first add the 100% ethyl alcohol. 

Step 2 - Add the water to the bottle.  Mix by shaking or swirling the bottle gently.

Your natural nontoxic disinfectant spray is finished and ready to kill some germs and viruses. Good work!

Disinfectant spray recipe is complete - Culinary Solvent

Storage Tips:

  • Store the disinfectant in a spray bottle for convenient measured dispensing.
  • For prolonged storage, return the disinfectant solution to a bottle with a tight fitting cap intended for storing alcohol solutions.  The original bottle your alcohol was shipped in is best, remember not all plastics are created equal. Learn more about material compatibility when storing disinfectant sprays containing ethyl alcohol.
  • Store bottle away from sources of heat, spark, or direct sunlight.
  • Disinfectants that contain only ethanol and water do not expire so long as the ABV remains above 80%.  Source.


More Recipes to make 80% ABV Disinfecting Spray using Other Kinds of Alcohol

The more alcohol in your disinfecting solution, the better.  It's the alcohol that does the germ and virus killing, higher concentrations have been proven to kill more germs quicker, essentially reducing the required wait time of 30 seconds for effective surface disinfection.  Read more here >> Source.


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Does ethyl alcohol kill germs, viruses, and bacteria on surfaces?

Answer: Yes, so long as the concentration and contact time minimum requirements are met.  For a detailed answer with links to authoritative sources, visit Does Ethyl Alcohol Kill Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria?

Ethanol kills germs and viruses on contact - Culinary Solvent


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We recommend diluting your 100% ABV Culinary Solvent down to 80% ABV using the recipe posted on this page.  CUstomers interested in maximizing the disinfection solution yeild from their starting volume of 100% ethanol may follow these recipes to dilute down to the lowest CDC recommended concentration of alcohol, 70% ABV:.








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