Is Culinary Solvent safe for use in cake decorating, candy making, and other culinary applications?

Yes. Culinary Solvent is food grade ethanol. Professionals, hobbyists, and casual at home customers all agree that Culinary Solvent is a safe and quality product.


Food grade ethanol is incredibly versatile in the baking world.  Bakers seek food grade solvent that evaporates away quickly and cleanly, while remaining food safe and nontoxic.  200 proof food grade ethanol is the ideal bakers solvent for food safe applications in the commercial kitchen.
Take your cake decorating to the next level with food grade ethanol airbrushing
Food grade ethanol based airbrush paint delivers vibrant colors that dry quickly without leaving any residue or flavor behind.  Bakers choose 200 proof food grade ethanol over 190 proof food grade alcohol for the versatility offered by the 100% alcohol base that dries quickly and completely.   A superior food safe alternative to using medical grade isopropyl alcohol as the base for their airbrush paint.  The zero additives and 0% water make Culinary Solvent a superior choice over popular spirit brands including Everclear 190 proof.

Create your own colors in bulk and save up to 75% over pre-mixed colors.
Airbrush suppliers online charge $3 per fl oz for their ethanol based airbrush paint.  1 Gallon 200 Proof Culinary Solvent currently priced at $0.92 per fl oz.  5 Gallons 200 Proof Culinary Solvent currently priced at $0.50 per fluid ounce.  Chefs may add desired drops of concentrated food coloring to the base 200 proof food grade alcohol to create their own custom colors at a savings of 75%.
Make your cake decorating 100% Organic with Organic Food Grade Alcohol
Choose Organic Culinary Solvent as your food grade alcohol base and make your entire process organic.  Create your own custom colors and flavors using only organic dies, vegetables, and botanicals for the purest organic cake decorating experience possible.   Browse selection of Organic 190 proof Food Grade Alcohol for Cake Decorating here.
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