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What percentage of alcohol (ABV) is best for making perfume?

When it comes to making perfume with alcohol, always start with the highest % alcohol content available.

Alcohol content is often stated in 1 of 2 primary conventions: "% ABV" or "X Proof" where X is a value between 1 and 200.  ABV stands for "Alcohol by Volume".  "1 proof" is equivalent to 0.5% ABV.  For example: "200 proof" is equivalent to "100% ABV", "190 proof" is equivalent to :95% ABV", "151 proof" is equivalent to "75.5% ABV".

What alcohol strength is recommended for making perfume?

We recommend using our 200 Proof Perfumers Alcohol available in quarts or gallons with fast delivery to home or commercial addresses via FedEx Ground.  Browse our complete selection of 200 proof ethyl alcohol for perfume making

How to dilute 200 proof Culinary Solvent to 190 Proof

Read our helpful blog post to quickly dilute your 200 proof Culinary Solvent down to 190 proof ethanol or lower by adding ordinary water to mix a custom solution.


Frequently Asked Questions About Perfume Alcohol

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