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What is the flashpoint of 200 proof ethanol?

Answer: The flash point of 200 proof ethyl alcohol is 14 °C or 57.2 °F
MrTincture Says:
  • The flash point is the temperature at which point the flammable chemical compound gives off sufficient vapors to ignite in air.
  • When the chemical compound is below the flash point, no flammable vapors are released.
  • Manufactures, suppliers, and the NFPA use the flash point measurement to determine a liquid's flammability rating and hazard class.
  • Some state rules governing ethanol may instead reference the material as "a substance with a flash point below <<target temperature>>". 
  • The higher the concentration of alcohol, the lower the flash point of the compound.
  • Anhydrous means "no water" and is another word to describe 200 proof alcohol.
  • More information on fire safety codes and best practices: National Fire Prevention Association

200 proof ethanol flash point - Culinary Solvent


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