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What is Log10 Reduction? - Understanding Microbe Reduction for Disinfection & Sanitation

Log reduction Chart for understanding micro reduction in disinfection and sanitation - Culinary Solvent

Excerpts from the infographic, source linked below:

  • "Log” stands for logarithm, which is the exponent of 10.  For example, Log-2 represents 10^2 or 10 x 10 or 100.
  • Log Reduction stands for a 10-fold (one decimal) or 90% reduction in numbers of live bacteria.
  • Another way to look at it is: 1-Log Reduction would reduce the number of bacteria 90%. This means, for example, that 100 bacteria would be reduced to 10, or 10 reduced to 1. "
  • "A 3-Log Reduction on a surface with 1,000,000 microbes would leave 1,000 microbes, which equates to a 99.9% reduction in potentially harmful microorganisms"



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