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What is Federal Excise Tax on Non-denatured Ethanol?

What is Federal Excise Tax on Non-Denatured Ethanol?

Food grade non-denatured ethanol is regulated and taxed by Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB.gov), a Department of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS.gov).

Q: What is the Federal Excise Tax Rate for Non-Denatured Ethanol?

Denatured and non-denatured ethanol are taxed at different rates, and have different triggers which generate tax liability.  The information on this page pertains specifically to non-denatured ethanol products including Culinary Solvent.
The TTB publishes tables with the applicable tax rate for each year.  Use this link to find current tax rate information. 
Current Federal Excise Tax Tables: https://www.ttb.gov/tax-audit/tax-and-fee-rates


Q: Do States also apply an excise tax on non-denatured ethanol?

Answer: Some states may apply an excise tax, typically this comes in the form of a permit fee required before purchase. 

Q: What is my State's additional individual excise tax on non-denatured ethanol?

Each and every state's alcohol laws are different.  This is  we've developed an online knowledge base containing details for each individual state.  Search our site using the bar at the top, or view our Shipping Map Page with links to our State Permit Blog to scroll and find your state's regulations on non-beverage non-denatured food grade ethanol. 

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