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What does "Safe for human consumption, but not permitted as a beverage" mean? [Update]

Answer: "Safe for human consumption, but not permitted as a beverage" means that Culinary Solvent is safe to use in the direct or indirect production or manufacturing of nonbeverage products that might be consumed or applied topically onto people.

Mr.Tincture Says....

Culinary Solvent is safe because it contains no additives and only pure ethanol.  The effects of ethanol on the human body are known, and when compared to the different solvent choices available is among the safest for manufacturing.  Read More: Nondenatured Ethanol vs Denatured Ethanol  Also: What is Federal Excise Tax?

Culinary Solvent is not permitted for use as a beverage in accordance with federal regulations, as well as individual state regulations which also regulate ethyl alcohol for-beverage use and it's taxation/distribution via the three tier system.  If you have a beverage and would like more information on transferring in bond to your registered DSP, contact us here.

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