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Profile: Juliannasperfume.com - Perfumery using Culinary Solvent

Spotlight: Juliann's Perfume 

Julianna's Perfume is a boutique perfumery located in California with a focus on quality ingredients that inspire emotion within by stimulating the olfactory system of our brains.  Deep memories and feelings can be evoked instantly through simple inhalation of delicate botanicals and essential oils.  Fineness coupled with precision is critical when blending delicate essences which our noses can detect in the parts per billion. Their dedicated expertise has provided a pallet of stimulating aromas for the individual with an eye on quality and natural ingredients.

Buy Julianna's Perfume direct from her on her website at https://www.juliannasperfume.com/ 


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Discovery Sets: https://www.juliannasperfume.com/collections/frontpage/products/discovery-set

Fragrances Cataloge: https://www.juliannasperfume.com/collections/fragrances

Mr.Tincture Says:
The neutral profile of our ethanol provides the ideal base for the highest quality and most natural perfumery possible.  Pure non-denatured ethanol is known safe for topical application, and has been used for generations across every continent for as long back as history goes.  I'm excited to see Julianna's new offerings as the season's inspire new blends and fragrances. 


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