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How much 70% alcohol solution will my 5 Gallon jug of 200 proof Culinary Solvent make?

Your 5 gallon jug of 200 proof Culinary Solvent can make up to 914 ounces of 70% alcohol solution. Add 274 oz of water to your 640 oz (5 gallons) of Culinary Solvent and mix gently.

Store the 70% alcohol solution solution in a spray bottle for convenient measured dispensing.  Store bottle away from sources of heat, spark, or direct sunlight.  Mixture does not expire, contents will kill germs and viruses so long as the ABV remains above 70%.  Source.

914 ounces of 70% alcohol solution will end up being around 31,810 sprays depending on the type of spray bottle you use.


Your natural nontoxic alcohol solution is finished and ready to kill some germs and viruses. Good work!

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