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How much 60% alcohol hand sanitizer can I make with my quart order of 200 proof Culinary Solvent?

You can make 53 oz of hand sanitizer with your quart (32 oz) of 200 proof ethanol.  Just add 21 oz of aloe gel (or any other moisturizing gel/lotion/cream/water).

For best results, follow our guide here: Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer.


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Where do I buy alcohol to make my own hand sanitizer?

Answer: Use these links to browse alcohol for sale by the ABV or by the container size. Quarts  |  Gallons  |  Organic  |  100% Alcohol (200 Proof)  |  95% Alcohol (190 Proof)  |  All Items  |  How to tell ABV of your alcohol for hand sanitizer.

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