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How much 60% alcohol hand sanitizer can I make with my drum of 200 proof Culinary Solvent?

You can make 11,733 oz of 60% alcohol hand sanitizer with your drum of 200 proof alcohol.  Just add 4,693 oz of aloe gel (or any other moisturizing gel/lotion/cream/water) to your 7,040 oz (drum) of 200 proof alcohol.

For best results, follow our guide here: Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer.


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Where do I buy alcohol to make my own hand sanitizer?

Answer: Use these links to browse alcohol for sale by the ABV or by the container size. Quarts  |  Gallons  |  Organic  |  100% Alcohol (200 Proof)  |  95% Alcohol (190 Proof)  |  All Items  |  How to tell ABV of your alcohol for hand sanitizer.

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