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How do I get my excise tax back from the TTB? (What is excise tax drawback?)

Nonbeverage drawback alcohol is pure non-denatured alcohol, like Culinary Solvent, that has been "tax paid". 

However, when a manufacturer uses that tax-paid alcohol in a non-beverage way, then a claim for the return of most of the excise tax (known as drawback) can occur.  The Nonbeverage Products Laboratory will determine if something is "unfit for beverage purposes" after a review of the recipe and formula.  Certain "for example" non-beverage use cases include:
  • food products including baked goods and glazes
  • flavor extracts
  • medicines
  • concentrates
  • perfumes
  • bitters

More information contact:
Regulations and Rulings Division of the Alcohol And Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in Washington, DC at 202-453-2265. 

Click here for more TTB contact information.


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