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Can I substitute nondenatured ethanol for denatured alcohol when soldering with boric acid?

Yes, it is acceptable to substitute nondenatured ethanol for denatured alcohol when mixing with boric acid to prevent the oxidative coating known as "firescale".

When substituting non-denatured ethanol (like Culinary Solvent or Everclear 190 proof) for denatured alcohol, use a substitution ratio of 1:1. 

For example, if your original recipe calls for 8 fl oz of "denatured alcohol", substitute 8 fl oz of Culinary Solvent 200 proof ethanol.  

Where can I buy jeweler's alcohol for soldering?

Culinary Solvent 200 proof pure ethyl alcohol is available for purchase online via  Buy alcohol for jeweler's here

Browse our complete selection of nondenatured ethanol products here.

Available in organic 200 proof now.


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