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Can I buy Quarts and Gallons of 190 proof ethanol?

Can I buy 190 Proof Culinary Solvent by the quart or gallon?

As of fall 2019, Culinary Solvent 190 proof quarts and gallons have been discontinued.   190 Proof Culinary Solvent is still available in bulk 5 gallon jugs, or 55 gallon drums.  

What rule prohibits selling quarts or gallons of 190 proof Culinary Solvent?

In accordance with Federal Regulations 27 CFR 1.71, "Distilled spirits in containers of a capacity of one wine gallon or less, except anhydrous (200 proof) alcohol and alcohol which may be withdrawn free of tax under the internal revenue laws, will be deemed to be for nonindustrial use."  Nonindustrial use means "for beverage" and ethanol sold "for beverage" is regulated differently and separately and must be obtained.  Read More: What is the difference between a wine gallon and a proof gallon?

Where can I buy a food grade ethanol in quarts or gallons?

Customers seeking to purchase a quart or gallon of food grade ethanol are permitted to purchase our 200 proof Culinary Solvent.  200 proof Culinary Solvent is the same food grade ethanol as our 190 proof, except there is less water and more taxes (taxes are included in the price posted on the shopping page).  To obtain 200 proof, we use a molecular sieve which is a nontoxic chemical free dehydration method that maintains the ethanol's food safe characteristics.  Using 200 proof vs 190 proof will yield the same results for most application.  If your recipe calls specifically for 190 proof, you may dilute the 200 proof ethanol down to 190 proof by simply adding 1.5 tablespoons of water to each quart of 200 proof.  Yes, it is that simple. Yes, you are permitted to do this dilution at home.  If you have questions on this process, please contact us here. 

Where to buy Culinary Solvent by the quart or gallon?

Culinary Solvent 200 proof food grade alcohol is available in quart and gallon sizes, as well as organic and non-organic varieties.   Visit our collections page to see all available sizes and varieties.

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