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About Anhydrous Alcohol - 200 Proof Culinary Solvent

What is Anhydrous Alcohol?

Anhydrous means "no water", therefore "anhydrous alcohol" means "alcohol with no water". 

Is anhydrous alcohol food safe for extractions or culinary applications?

Yes, so long as the anhydrous alcohol sourced is "ethanol" and the product is listed as nondenatured.  Remember that ethanol is an alcohol, but not all alcohols are ethanol...  Food safe anhydrous nondenatured ethanol is also commonly also referred to as "200 proof" or "200 proof grain alcohol".  

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  • Where to buy Anhydrous Alcohol?

     Culinary Solvent Anhydrous Alcohol

    Anhydrous ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is available for sale using the secure online store at CulinarySolvent.com.  Quarts, gallons, jugs, and bulk orders are typically fulfilled in 1 day, and ship to most states in the lower 48 states without additional permits. View the map of states we ship to.

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