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About 190 Proof Food Grade Ethanol - Culinary Solvent

What is 190 proof Culinary Solvent?

  • 190 proof nondenatured food grade ethanol (95% alcohol by volume).
  • Distilled from 100% corn.  Naturally gluten free.
  • Federal Excise Tax is included. No surprise charges at checkout!
  • ​Ships direct from the distillery in Brewer, Maine, USA.

Culinary Solvent is 100% Nondenatured Food Grade Alcohol

  • Nondenatured alcohol means "no additives".  Also goes by "undenatured" or "non-denatured".
  • Only Nondenatured alcohol is safe for human consumption.
  • 100% of Culinary Solvent products are nondenatured only.
  • Yes, Culinary Solvent is safe for human consumption.  Use as a beverage product is not permitted by State and Federal regulations.

Where to buy 190 proof grain alcohol:

Shop for 190 proof alcohol using our online store.  Compare our pure food grade ethanol to Everclear's 190 proof alcohol.

Browse our complete selection of 190 proof ethanol products here.


What is 190 proof grain alcohol?

Culinary Solvent is 190 proof grain alcohol is 95% Ethyl Alcohol by volume.  The 5% that remains in solution is water. 

190 Proof Grain Alcohol Goes by Many Names
​190 proof grain alcohol goes by many different names including "grain alcohol", "190 proof ethanol", pure alcohol, absolute alcohol, or just "ethyl alcohol". 

Beware of Prefix Words attached to your Alcohol
Other suppliers have begun attaching the word of prefix words too like "extract grade", "craft grade", or "industrial grade" alcohol, these words do not represent any official difference or classification of the product.  

Beware of the Word "Pure"
Not all suppliers use the word "pure" and mean "no additives". Seriously! Read, read, read the text and fine print around discount alcohols that claim "pure", often times you will discover additives or "denaturing agents" that have been incorporated into the ethanol to advert the excise tax costs.   

Beware of the word "Organic"
Despite careful management and oversight by the various organic certification agencies through the US, there are a fair number of noncertified organic brands and products that continue to use the words "organic" or "organics" in their marketing and packaging.  Whenever you see the words "Organic", seek next to find out "certified organic by who?".  Culinary Solvent's Organic 190 proof food grade alcohol is certified organic by the Maine Farmer's and Grower's Association

Compare Culinary Solvent to 190 proof Everclear (and the others)
Compare Culinary Solvent's quality, purity, fast delivery options, and convenient ordering process to brands including Everclear 190 proof, Extractahol, XFB, 710spirits, Everclear 151 proof, Spirytus 192 proof.

Is "Culinary Solvent" the same thing as Everclear?

Culinary Solvent is not "Everclear".  We are better than Everclear. 
Better how, and why?  Keep reading...

What is Everclear?
Everclear is a brand name 190 proof nondenatured grain alcohol designed specifically for use as a beverage, and manufactured by Luxco, Inc.  The word "Everclear" is a trademark of Luxco, Inc, and is not related to Culinary Solvent in any way, shape, or form. 

What is Culinary Solvent?
Culinary Solvent is a brand name 190 proof and 200 proof nondenatured grain alcohol packaged and sold for non-beverage use, manufactured by The Northern Maine Distilling Company.

Culinary Solvent vs Everclear: What's the same?
  • Both, Culinary Solvent and Everclear, are brands of nondenatured 190 proof grain ethyl alcohol.
  • Both, Culinary Solvent and Everclear, contain zero additives, and are safe for human consumption.
  • Both, Culinary Solvent and Everclear, are distilled in the USA from 100% corn.

Culinary Solvent vs Everclear: What's different?
  • The Pot Still, a Vastly Superior Distillation Method:  Culinary Solvent is distilled using a pot still for superior purity, neutrality, and quality over the competition.  Conversely, Everclear 190 proof alcohol is distilled using an industrial scale reflux column.  While large industrial scale processes can offer discount ethanol due to their massive economies of scale, the equipment design inherently limits the purity obtained by that distillation.  Only small scale pot stills with fixed batches to work through are capable of truly rectifying the distillate through removal of the heads and tails of the distillation run. Culinary Solvent is the only 190 proof alcohol and 200 proof alcohol distilled using a pot still for superior quality and purity.
  • Alcohol By Volume: Culinary Solvent is available in 190 proof (95% ABV)  and 200 proof (100% ABV) options.  Compare to Everclear's 95% alcohol content to Culinary Solvent's 100% alcohol content.  Additionally, some state's further restrict the availability of high proof beverage alcohol, limited to 151 proof or 75.5% ABV.  Culinary Solvent's 100% alcohol content 200 proof food grade ethanol provides customers with more of the molecule (the ethanol) that does the work for high quality botanical extractions and tinctures.  
  • Organic Certification:  Organic Culinary Solvent is distilled using 100% organic corn and is a certified organic product by the Maine Organic Farmer's and Grower's Association.  Everclear 190 proof does not offer an organic option. Customers seeking an organic alcohol to maintain the organic certification of their process find Organic Culinary Solvent the perfect organic alcohol solvent for their certified organic process.  A copy of our organic certification available upon request.  
  • Availability: Culinary Solvent ships to most residential and business addresses in the lower 48 states, often without a permit.  Even if your state currently prohibits the sale of Everclear (California, Ohio, Maine, or Florida) on the local store shelf, Culinary Solvent's non-beverage alcohol status means we can still ship to you direct.  Visit our helpful list of "US State Alcohol Rules - Can we ship to your state?" to learn more about if your state laws permit the shipment of Culinary Solvent to your home or business address, visit our helpful list of States with links to more information on each.     
  • Convenience: No more visiting liquor stores searching for handles of Everclear, Culinary Solvent is ordered securely online using our 24/7 online store and shipped fast via FedEx ground to your direct from the distillery.  If you will not be home at the time of delivery, customers may choose to have their Culinary Solvent order held at a nearby FedEx location for pickup at at time that is convenient for their busy schedule.  Most all orders placed on the online store ship the same day, or the following day.  
  • The Right Tool for the Job:  No more trade offs on ABV or proof because of state laws beverage laws.  Culinary Solvent's ABV options and choice of organic or non-organic corn provide customers of every scale and project type they ability to choose the right food safe ethanol for the task at hand. 
  • Professional Supply Experience:  Tired of explaining to your accountant that the liquor store receipts are a legit "business expense" for your operation? Ditch the box of scrap-paper register receipts and annual year-end explanation, for a more professional experience with Culinary Solvent.  Expense tracking for business customers is made easy with descriptive receipts that are emailed to you directly by a reputable company.  Have a special request, need to expedite the order, or wish to modify the order the purchase, we are always available to assist, in any way you need or we can think of.
  • Bulk packaging and delivery: Culinary Solvent is shipped in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon jugs, and 55 gallon drums, and 270 gallon bulk totes.  Everclear is capped at 1.75 liters per bottle (59 fl oz or just under 1 half-gallon).  Customers seeking small or large quantities of 190 proof food grade alcohol may choose the volume of Culinary Solvent that meets the needs of their specific operation.  
  • The People:  If you need assistance buying Everclear, Good luck getting help from the part-time liquor store clerk....what are the chances you've even ever heard of Everclear's parent company Luxco?    Culinary Solvent is owned, operated, and distributed internally by a passionate team of engineers, distillers and overall ethanol experts.  The people that make Culinary Solvent are the ultimate guarantors of quality of your food grade alcohol, and are available to assist or contact when you need them.  
  • Cost Savings of 15%, or more, over Everclear:  The average price to buy Everclear 190 proof in the US is currently $31 for 1.75 liter (59 fl oz) for a total cost of $0.52 per fl oz.  Compare directly to 5 gallons of Culinary Solvent for $300 for a cost per fl oz of $0.46 for a savings of 15% over Everclear!  The bulk volume discount increases with the order size. Save over 77% over Everclear when purchasing Culinary Solvent in bulk.

Why choose 190 proof grain alcohol?

190 proof food grade alcohol is safe, proven, and natural.  Whether you are a small or large customer, nondenatured food grade alcohol is the right food safe solvent for making tincture, extractions, and concentrates.

190 Proof Grain Alcohol for Small Batch Extractions and Tinctures
Small batch tincture or hemp processing of up to a 5-10 lbs can buy 190 proof grain food grade alcohol in 32 fl oz quart or 1 gallon units, perfect for single-plant tinctures and DIY projects.  

190 Proof Grain Alcohol in Bulk for Medium to Large Scale Processors
​Medium to large scale commercial processors processing 20-100 pounds per day can buy 190 proof grain food grade alcohol in bulk for substantial cost savings over 75%.  Bulk Culinary Solvent provides customers with the choice to have their food grade ethanol delivered in multiples of 5 gallon jugs (no limit on volume, same price as a single drum), 55 gallon drums, or 270 gallon totes.  Ethanol offers a safer, healthier, non-toxic alternative to anhydrous isopropyl alcohol, 99% isopropyl alcohol, 91% isopropyl alcohol, 70% isopropyl alcohol, isobutanol, 1 propanol, heptane, hexane, naphtha, butane, propane, or other toxic hydrocarbon extraction methods.  ​

Organic 190 Proof Grain Alcohol
Certified organic processors can now buy organic 190 proof grain alcohol.  Using an organic alcohol in their recipe or process allows customers to maintain organic certification through to the final product.  Culinary Solvent is distilled from 100% organic corn and certified organic by

No Permit Required (in most States)

Food grade ethanol is permitted to be sold and shipped to a majority of US states including California, Maine, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.  

View our map of States we ship to. 

Ships to California Home and Business Addresses
Yes we ship to California!   No permit required in California.  Culinary Solvent 190 proof food grade alcohol is classified as a "Nonvolatile Solvent" according to California Code of Regulations Title 17.  Culinary Solvent meets the requirements of California's Level 1 Manufacturers license (M1 license) for extraction of cannabis and hemp oil.  For more information on California rules and how to buy food grade alcohol in California, visit: How to Ship Food Grade Alcohol to California.

"Who" & "Where" your ethanol comes from matters.

  • Distilled in Maine in small batches using a proprietary system of micro-batch pot stills.  A family owned and operated operation built by the ground up starting in 2004.  We got our start distilling award winning vodka, then translated that expertise to the hemp extraction market.
  • We are not "another chemical distributor".   We are the actual distillery, and we only sell pure ethanol. It's like our specialty and we are really, really good at it. 
  • Middle men big warehouse chemical and solvent distributors cannot guarantee the quality of the product like we can.   Big distributor economies of scale make a true quality guarantee and pledge to exceptional customer service, impossible. 
  • Follow me (Mr.Tincture) on Instagram @CulinarySolvent.  My posts demonstrate simple to follow steps to make cannabis and hemp extractions and concentrates without any fancy equipment.
  • When it comes to ethanol, smaller is better.  Let us prove it to you.  We guarantee you will be satisfied.

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