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About 190 Proof Food Grade Ethanol - Culinary Solvent

The term "190 proof" means 95% alcohol by volume.  If your alcohol is "non-denatured" the 95% is represented by "ethyl alcohol", and the remaining 5% is water.  Not all alcohol is created equal, learn about the difference between "denatured" and "non-denatured" alcohol here.


What is the difference between 200 proof and 190 proof alcohol?

The difference is the absence of water present in solution.  "200 proof" means 100% alcohol, while "190 proof" means 95% alcohol.


Frequently Ask Questions about 190 Proof Alcohol 

Q: Where can I buy 190 proof alcohol?

Answer: Buy 190 proof alcohol online at CulinarySolvent.com.

Q: Why is the price for 190 proof more than 200 proof?

Answer: Our recipe and micro distillation process has been systematized and perfected to create the best 200 proof ethanol.  Accordingly we distill all of our ethanol to 200 proof, and then dilute down some to 190 proof.  The added steps of blending and gauging to 190 proof add some work to the process, and therefore 190 proof will cost about $1 more per gallon.

Q: Why is 190 proof only available in "bulk" sizes? (Not available in pints, quarts, gallons?)

Answer: Due to the laws that govern our industry, we are not permitted to sell 190 proof in sizes smaller than "1 wine gallon".  Because we ship 1 gallon orders in four (4) quart size bottles for increased safety in transport and handling, we are unable to fulfill orders for 190 proof seeking less than 5 gallons.  Customer can dilute their bottle of 200 proof into 190 proof by simply adding water (View recipe page to dilute 200 proof into 190 proof.)

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